Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Voices in my Head

   Some days it doesn't pay to shut out the voices in my head and at others times I wish for a fleshy toggle switch just to concentrate. You know...a remote to turn on my creative side and shut out the annoying static from everyday life, or off to allow me to listen to a conversation without having a character make a side bar comment. On the other hand, where would a writer be without those voices banging around attempting to push a story out of us?

     Most writers I know have characters talking to them, not just a shout occasionally, but full arguments that can shove a story into unplotted waters. What would happen if they went silent? I shutter the thought. Mine have evolved with me since my teens. They were the constant reminder of who I was in those odd high school years at a new school. Without them, I can't imagine the silence and isolation after so many years together.

     When "Did I just say that out loud!" became a frequent statement, and "Learn to curb your snarky mouth," was a constant lash back from Mom, I started to notice my creative side. Of course, I couldn't tell anyone about these characters. Everyone would think I was nuts, so the thoughts went into a journal. The voices got louder, I began to listen and those ideas became stories.

     Where did this constant distractions I relish come from and why me? Is there not enough constantly going in my life for one of me knocking around in my mind? Oh my gosh…my character just collectively gasped. I smile. “Hey, just kidding guys.” However, this creative side developed, I cannot imagine a life without writing, or my constant companions.