Thursday, July 7, 2011

Romance Writers of America National Conference...A First Timer's View

I heard "Nationals is amazing, it's exciting, the workshops are great," the Romance Writers of America National Conference was even better than I dreamed. So many incredible published and yet to be published writers in one place at the Marriott Marque in Manhattan, New York. The city that never sleeps combined with writers known for burning the midnight oil...I was in for some very long days. The week flew by making me reflect on what I'd learned from this experience.

Personal issues forced me to register late and find lodging a week before the conference; tricky, but doable. The Paramount's accommodations are very metro and only a few buildings down from The Marriott Marque. A perfect location, more affordable and a mental hiatus from all the creative conference energy, which if captured could have lit up the lights on Broadway.

Not knowing what to bring, I packed half of my closet into a huge suitcase. My husband shook his head as I sat upon the luggage to zip it closed. I did wear most of them. There are so many activities at the conference, plus publisher parties and don't forget all the events ongoing in the city; it's always better to be prepared for anything, than not have what you need at a moments notice.

The hotel registration had early check-in availability too. An added bonus, David Cook, an American Idol favorite, celebrated his new album release by rocking out six songs with his band on the hotel's famous curved staircase immediately after I checked in. Oh yeah, this is how my week began and it was a nonstop ride.

Return back here to learn how I managed through the organized chaos at the conference registrations and news about the fabulous Author Signing Event. You'll never believe what happened!

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